Il più grande piazzale di vendita di Bitcoin & Crypto è Scarcity vs Demand dice il proprietario di Dallas Maverick, Mark Cuban

L’investitore dello Shark Tank dice che il crypto sta facendo trading come una bolla di azioni di internet, ma Bitcoin, Ethereum, e pochi altri saranno gli unici sopravvissuti. Cerchiamo di „scoprire chi ha lo stomaco per HODL“, ha detto.

L’investitore miliardario Mark Cuban è tornato con il suo commento, e questa volta non è un paragone con una banana, ma con le bolle azionarie di internet.

„Guardando il commercio di cryptos, è ESATTAMENTE come la bolla azionaria di internet“. ESATTAMENTE“, ha detto cubano.

Tuttavia, egli pensa che i tipi come Bitcoin, Ethereum, e pochi altri crittografi saranno „analoghi a quelli che sono stati costruiti durante l’era delle dot-com, sono sopravvissuti allo scoppio della bolla e hanno prosperato, come AMZN, eBay e Priceline“. Ma molti non lo faranno, ha aggiunto.

Secondo lui, la crittografia è tutta una questione di domanda e offerta, proprio come l’oro. Nel frattempo, tutti gli altri racconti sullo svilimento del fiat sono solo piazzole di vendita; proprio come „durante la bolla dei dot-com, „gli esperti“ cercano di giustificare qualsiasi sia il prezzo del giorno“.

„Il più grande campo di vendita è la scarsità contro la domanda. Questo è tutto“.

Durante il recente rally, la Bitcoin è arrivata a 42.000 dollari dopo aver superato il precedente picco di 20.000 dollari a metà dicembre. Anche l’ETH ha raggiunto i suoi 1.420 dollari di triidrato di alluminio, ma ha potuto raggiungere solo 1.350 dollari prima che la vendita a livello di mercato portasse i crypto di quasi il 30%.

„Lungo la strada, molte fortune saranno fatte e perse, e scopriremo chi ha lo stomaco per HODL e chi non ce l’ha. Il mio consiglio? Impara a fare la siepe“, consiglia Cuban.

A differenza dell’investitore di Shark Tank, molti investitori leggendari come Bill Miller vedono Bitcoin salire sempre più in alto. La tendenza al rialzo sarebbe dovuta alla crescita molto più rapida della domanda rispetto all’offerta di Bitcoin, che cresce meno del 2% all’anno. Nel frattempo, secondo il fondatore di AngelList, Naval Ravikant,

„Stiamo attraversando una transizione attraverso un bug temporaneo nella storia di Internet prima di sapere come costruire protocolli sociali aperti. All’inizio, Internet ha trasferito i dati. Poi, ha trasferito la scarsità (Bitcoin). Poi, il calcolo (Ethereum). In arrivo: identità e grafici sociali“.

Bitcoin fails time and again at an all-time high

Bitcoin fails time and again at an all-time high – something that now worries analysts

  • Bitcoin has struggled in recent days and weeks to move beyond the mid to upper $19,000 region, where sales pressure is considerable.
  • As long as the bulls are unable to break the resistance region, which starts at $19,400, we may be in for a longer period of consolidation.
  • However, the last weekly closing price of the crypto currency was incredibly bullish and happened to be the highest ever recorded by the crypto currency on many exchanges.
  • This may improve Bitcoin’s medium-term prospects, but there are still some pessimistic factors that counteract this.
  • Until Bitcoin can use this macro-strength to break above $19,400 and then above $19,800, there could be sustained sideways trading.

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have been Bitcoin Trader affected by a prolonged consolidation phase in recent days and weeks.

The aggregated crypto market has struggled to gain momentum. This can be largely attributed to the fact that the benchmark crypto currency was unable to overcome its previously established all-time highs.

The overall market development in the medium term will probably depend on whether or not the BTC is able to set new highs.

One trader now notes: „It is very likely that we are facing serious upside potential, as the strength of the crypto currency’s last week close can do much to provide some momentum to the market.

Bitcoin consolidates above key $19,000 level

Currently, Bitcoin is consolidating in the region below $19,000. In the last days and weeks the asset has traded in this region.

Selling pressure, which was seen at $19,400, has prevented an upward movement in recent days, with this being the first major resistance for Bitcoin before the region between $19,800 and $20,000.

Bitcoin yesterday saw the highest weekly candle closing ever, which means that serious upside potential for the crypto currency could be imminent.

An analyst writes about it in a tweet and explains that the development has undoubtedly improved Bitcoin’s outlook:

„BTC: Reached an all-time high this weekend at Bitstamp. It looks like Coinbase closed just below the 2017 weekly ATH. So close to $20,000+“

Although Bitcoin still has a few hurdles ahead of it before it can reach new all-time highs, the strength it shows over longer periods of time is incredibly bullish.

S&P Dow Jones Indices will index cryptocurrencies

S&P Dow Jones Indices announced the introduction of benchmarks for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. The company says the time is „ripe“.

Crypto-savvy Wall Street traders will soon have access to new tools for evaluating cryptocurrencies

To this end, S&P Dow Jones Indices, a leading global index creator with over 100 years of experience, has teamed up with the New York start-up Lukka. That comes from a joint press releaseof companies from December 3rd. Thereafter, the cooperation is to serve the growing demand from investors for benchmarking and index solutions for blockchain assets. Bitcoin and Co. are a „rapidly developing asset class“ and the „time is ripe for independent, reliable and user-friendly benchmarks“, says Peter Roffmann, Global Head of Innovation and Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

“Our collaboration with S&P DJI is another milestone that closes the gap between the crypto asset ecosystem and traditional financial services,” added Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka.

Customers with a need for crypto data will soon have access to the most trustworthy data in the industry, which is supported by Lukka’s institutional quality standards […] “

The blockchain data service provider from New York is „thrilled“ to have won a renowned partner in S&P Dow Jones Indices for the promotion of the emerging market of Bitcoin and Co.

Hardly any details

The press release is stingy with details on the planned crypto benchmarks. So far, there is no information about which assets should be indexed; an exact start date is not yet known either. It can be assumed, however, that the new benchmarks for Bitcoin and Co. will only enter the traditional trading floor in the coming year.

The Bitcoin price can meanwhile stay above the 19,000 US dollar mark – you can find out the price targets, supports and resistances here .

Bitcoin price is now moving towards US $ 20,000 after the XRP shock

Bitcoin quickly climbed to $ 19,000 after falling to $ 18,000. Before that, the XRP on Coinbase rose sharply and collapsed.

Bitcoin Code platform rose to over $ 19,000 on November 24 for the first time in nearly three years. This was followed by an XRP flash crash on Coinbase, which brought the crypto market into turmoil.

It could be a coincidence that these two incidents happened one after the other. Given that BTC price rose almost immediately after the XRP fell, there could be a correlation.

XRP rally could have set new highs for BTC

As Cointelegraph reported on Nov. 24, the XRP rate rose nearly 80 percent in 48 hours . As the rally continued, the hype about the cryptocurrency increased.

Interest in cryptocurrency reached a point where it became too much for Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

Joe Weisenthal, the co-host of the Bloomberg TV show What’d You Miss , emphasized that Coinbase had started a trend on Twitter. The surge in interest around Coinbase occurred when the XRP price gradually rose. He said :

„The cryptocurrency Ripple has gone completely nuts in the last few days. And Coinbase is trending on Twitter at the moment. Everyone is talking about buying it.“
Issues arose when XRP slumped after hitting $ 0.90 on Coinbase. This has caused extreme volatility in the market within a short period of time. Bitcoin tumbled to around $ 18,000 while ETH fell to $ 585.

While this is difficult to prove, market trends suggest that the flash crash caused high volatility in algorithms. Bitcoin price rose quickly from $ 18,000 to over $ 18,500 and eventually rose to over $ 19,000 .

When Bitcoin fell to $ 18,000 in a matter of minutes, it likely hit a supply zone. In other words, it could have fallen into an area of significant liquidity, which resulted in many buy orders being executed.

What’s next?

In the near future, traders and analysts expect Bitcoin to continue its uptrend as it approaches its all-time high.

The investor named „Blackbeard“ pointed to the lack of stock market inflows even though the BTC price hit $ 19,000. This suggests that the selling pressure on the largest cryptocurrency is still relatively low. He said :

„Even if the BTC price is over 19,000 US dollars, there is no unusual inflow to the crypto exchanges. That makes me honestly optimistic.“

Before the breakout above $ 19,000, another trader named „Salsa Tekila“ predicted the rally. He said that when the altcoins cool down, the profits would likely flow back into BTC. He said :

„BTC has been stalling for a few days while the money is pouring in altcoins. That’s not a bad thing for BTC. We’re consolidating below $ 19,000 for a while. I think you can realistically say we’re probably damn levels When? Probably when the altcoins cool down and people put the money back in Bitcoin. „

La votación digital está llegando. Hagámoslo bien.

La votación digital está llegando. Hagámoslo bien

Mientras escribía esto, todos los EE.UU. esperaron con la respiración contenida para saber los resultados de las elecciones generales de 2020. Aunque el ex vicepresidente Joe Biden ha sido elegido – con una notable opinión disidente – no tengo forma de saber si mi propia Bitcoin Evolution boleta fue contada o declarada „fraudulenta“ y desechada. Eso es importante.

La semana pasada hubo reportes de intimidación de votantes, sitios de votación cerrados, temores de boletas perdidas y tardías y acusaciones de fraude electoral. La pandemia de COVID-19 ha provocado niveles sin precedentes de votación por correo, un método que es seguro pero que depende de una infraestructura que ya está desfinanciada y se ha extendido. Todos estos problemas se suman a las habituales bajas cifras de participación y al legado de supresión de votantes en los EE.UU.

Nate Williams es un recién graduado y desarrollador de la pila completa en Vocdoni, un proyecto de voto electrónico construido sobre tecnologías de código abierto, incluyendo Ethereum, zk-SNARKs e IPFS.

El caos que rodea a las elecciones de 2020 ha dejado al descubierto las grietas en el estado de la democracia de los Estados Unidos. Si bien gran parte de esta incertidumbre se debe a cuestiones sociales y políticas de mayor envergadura, al menos se puede atribuir alguna culpa a la forma en que se llevaron a cabo las elecciones en sí.

Estas elecciones han dejado claro que los métodos de votación del siglo XIX son incapaces de expresar adecuadamente la voluntad de una población tan grande, diversa y fracturada. Necesitamos una mejor manera de tomar decisiones.

¿Es el voto digital la solución?

¿Qué pasaría si tuviéramos un sistema en el que todo el mundo pudiera votar desde su teléfono móvil y abrir un navegador para verificar los resultados de una elección, todo ello sin tener que confiar en ninguna autoridad central?
Suscríbase a Crypto Long & Short, nuestro boletín semanal sobre inversiones.

Este sistema permitiría que la participación cívica cambiara fundamentalmente a medida que la confianza en la toma de decisiones colectivas crezca y las barreras a la democracia directa se reduzcan. Muchos de los problemas a los que se enfrentan las elecciones en la actualidad, desde la falta de seguridad hasta la participación de los votantes y más allá, podrían mejorarse, si no resolverse completamente, mediante la votación en cadena.

Cada vez más personas empiezan a ver el voto digital como una valiosa vía para recuperar la confianza del público. El CEO de Binance, Changpeng Zhao y el cofundador de Ethereum (ETH, +2,50%), Vitalik Buterin, discutieron el asunto recientemente.

„Desarrolle algo ahora, consiga que se apruebe (obviamente el paso más difícil), y consiga más de 300 millones de usuarios (completamente KYC’ed) en 4 años. Cualquier desarrollador capaz debe estar dispuesto a hacerlo ‚gratis'“, Zhao twiteó.

A lo que Vitalik respondió, „Los retos técnicos para hacer un sistema de votación seguro y criptográfico son significativos (y a menudo subestimados), pero la OMI es direccionalmente 100% correcta“.

A pesar de la gran cantidad de desafíos, la votación digital parece ser un camino inevitable para muchos países. Así que en lugar de rehuir con la esperanza de que nunca se implemente, deberíamos abordar estos desafíos. Las tecnologías detrás de las cripturas de última generación ya han sido teorizadas para resolver muchos de estos problemas, por lo que son un buen punto de partida.

2017 – Bitcoin Roar Mirrors Again – Nu met een verschil!

Bitcoin met meer dan 110% gestegen in 2020

Bitcoin heeft nog maar eens laten zien dat het de meest destructieve en dominante crypto in de hele markt is. De adembenemende stijging van het bezit in de laatste paar dagen is opmerkelijk en geeft u de vibes van de Bitcoin’s 2017 stierenrennen. Maar ja, met een verschil.

Op het moment van de samenstelling, is Bitcoin rally met een enorme sprong van 8,62% tot $15.537,23 te raken met een enorme 15,49% stijging in de afgelopen 7 dagen. In tegenstelling tot de stierenloop van 2017, waarbij de Crypto Bull naar de bodem stortte, zal deze keer naar verwachting gestaag doorgaan. Maar waarom? Hier is het,

  1. De investeerders die de fase 2017 hebben doorlopen, hebben veel geleerd en toch ervaren in de huidige stierenloop. Vandaar dat ze misschien gewoon niet wegwaaien met de hype zoals het eerder is gebeurd.
  2. In de vorige stierenrennen duurde het slechts twee weken om van de vodden naar de rijken te rennen. Maar nu, na de crash van maart 2020, toont Bitcoin een gevoel van consistentie.
  3. Ondanks het feit dat de BTC-prijs de grootste hoogtepunten in 2020 registreerde, laat de 1-uursgrafiek van Bitcoin een verwaarloosbare verkoop zien, wat een goed teken is dat de stierenrennen doorgaan.
  4. Gooi de ongewenste buzz in de markt die de deuren van de pure handel heeft geopend. Ook nieuwe investeerders zijn vrij goed op de hoogte van de crypto ruimte die zich niet laten meeslepen door een hype.

Daarom zou, met de gerijpte mentaliteit en het evenwichtige Bitcoin-gedrag, het overtreffen van $20.000 geen moeilijke taak moeten zijn.

Is Bitcoin Crushing the Altcoin Market of Escorting them?

Bitcoin herwint zijn dominantie in de crypto-markt met 65,33% met een stijging van 0,83%. Het laat niet alleen zijn dominantie zien, maar ook het momentum over de crypto-markt. Met de Bitcoin-stierenrally zijn de meeste altcoins die in een zeer krappe marge trilden, plotseling zeer actief geworden.

In feite was de DeFi-markt in rook opgegaan. Maar de trend laat zien dat de altcoin markt en de DeFi ruimte hun correctiefase is ingegaan. De meeste altcoins zijn erin geslaagd om een vrij goede hoeveelheid rebound te verzamelen sinds de Bitcoin-prijs tot nieuwe hoogtepunten is gestegen.

Ook met de release van het ETH 2.0 depositocontractadres heeft Ethereum een enorme impuls gekregen in de markt. Op dit moment heeft de Ethereumprijs zich met succes boven de $400 weten te handhaven en velen voorspellen dat de prijs zeer binnenkort boven de $500 zou kunnen stijgen.

Bitcoin price attacks 15,000 dollars: growth in Chainlink (LINK) and Litecoin (LTC)

The Bitcoin course seems tireless. After the cryptocurrency BTC fell to $ 3,500 as part of the massive corrections in March of this year, Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 15,200 and is thus immediately above $ 15,000 for the first time in several years. However, other large-cap cryptocurrencies such as Binance Coin (BNB) and Chainlink (LINK) had to struggle with sales in the past 7 days. In the 24h view, however, in addition to Bitcoin, LINK and Litecoin (LTC) are the winners of the hour.

In this article we take a look at the current situation on the market and the development of the Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin price with strong momentum

I already mentioned it in the introduction: Since the annual low of around $ 3,500, the Bitcoin price has more than quadrupled its price in around 8 months. As of now, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 145,200.

The following chart shows the development over the last 30 days and underlines the positive and bullish momentum, which underlies the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Bitcoin course development 30 days

It becomes clear that the current 2020 US elections have again brought volatility to the market. With a price jump of around 10% in the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price rose by almost $ 1,300 – measured in absolute numbers.

In a Forbes interview, trader and analyst John Kramer commented on the current BTC price:

Bitcoin has recovered from the very short-term post-election drop and again topped $ 14,000. Even if we don’t yet know what will come after the election, many investors – depending on the election winner – expect a large stimulus package. This should further benefit Bitcoin and its limited supply.

Here, too, the narrative of Bitcoin as digital gold with a number limited to 21,000,000 BTC becomes clear. The numerous measures this year to stimulate the economy and the associated keyword „quantitative easing“ favor BTC.

The cryptocurrency is backed by many large companies that are now also investing in Bitcoin in order to invest part of their dollar reserves at a profit.

Bitcoin dominates large-cap cryptocurrencies

Even if other top ten cryptocurrencies are showing green numbers in the last 24 hours, we see a different perspective on the 7-day view.

While Bitcoin has seen double-digit growth in the last 7 days, we see almost exclusively red numbers for the other major cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin course and top 10 cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Chainlink (LINK) and Binance Coin (BNB) are particularly affected by the sale last week. The cryptocurrencies just mentioned recorded relatively high losses of 6.28, 4.45 and 7.89 percent. Despite the current good 24-hour performance, the crypto currencies mentioned are trading in the red in the 7-day trend.

At the same time, Bitcoin dominance is increasing again and underlines Bitcoin’s current leadership position. So the high Bitcoin price is the result of many factors.

Krypto-Markt nimmt Notiz, da Bitcoin versucht, unabhängig von den Lagerbeständen zu handeln

  • Der Bitcoin-Preis bewegte sich kurzzeitig im grünen Bereich, während die Aktien im roten Bereich gehandelt wurden.
  • Bitcoin scheint zu versuchen, in einer unkorrelierten Weise mit anderen Vermögenswerten zu handeln.
  • Anthony Pompliano sagt, Bitcoin habe keine Korrelation zu Aktien.
  • Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Treten Sie unserer Telegrammgruppe bei und erhalten Sie Handelssignale, einen kostenlosen Handelskurs und tägliche Kommunikation mit Kryptofans!

Wenn man die Krypto-Marktteilnehmer fragt, hat die Abkopplung der Bitcoin Superstar vom Aktienmarkt lange auf sich warten lassen, und es gibt endlich Anzeichen dafür, dass sie Gestalt annimmt.

Nachdem der Bitcoin-Preis in den vergangenen 24 Stunden um mehr als 1 % gestiegen war, ist er plötzlich gesunken. Aber nicht bevor er am 26. Oktober einen Großteil des Vormittags unabhängig von den Aktien gehandelt werden konnte.

Während Bitcoin im grünen Bereich gehandelt wurde, verlor der S&P 500 2%, während der Dow Jones Industrial Average ähnlich unter Druck stand und über 2,5% verlor.

Eine Botschaft senden

Bitcoin sendet möglicherweise die Botschaft aus, dass es an der Zeit ist, unabhängig von Aktien zu handeln, nachdem der Kurs von seinem Verhalten auf dem Höhepunkt der Pandemie, als Investoren alles verkauften, umgekehrt wurde.

Der rivalisierende Lagerbestand von Gold machte zu Beginn der Sitzung ähnliche Fortschritte, bevor das Edelmetall an diesem Tag plötzlich negativ wurde.

Der Gründer der Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, nahm die Trennung zwischen Bitcoin und Aktien auf Twitter zur Kenntnis, nannte sie „die Entkopplung“ und griff die Gefühle des Händlers Luke Martin auf.

Im April, als die Märkte noch von der Gesundheitskrise gebeutelt waren, betonte Martin, dass die „Entkopplung von bitcoin aufregender ist als die Halbierung“.


Anthony Pompliano, Mitbegründer von Morgan Creek Digital und Moderator des Pomp-Podcasts, trat am 26. Oktober in einem Tweetstorm gegen Theoretiker an, die vermuteten, dass Bitcoin kein sicherer Hafen sei.

Er argumentierte, dass die „Ungewissheit und das Chaos“, die auf dem Höhepunkt der Pandemie auftraten, eine Liquiditätskrise auslösten, bei der die Anleger vor allen Vermögenswerten flohen. Die Korrelation von Bitcoin und Gold zu anderen Anlageklassen während der Panik sei ein Produkt der Krise und nicht die Eigenschaften, die mit sicheren Anlagen verbunden sind.

Pomp weist darauf hin, dass sich Bitcoin seit dem Marktcrash im März um 300% erholt hat und seit Jahresbeginn um mehr als 80% gestiegen ist und damit „alle anderen Anlageklassen um einen erheblichen Betrag“ übertrifft. Der Bitcoin-Bulle führt weiter aus, dass die BTC null Korrelation zu Aktien hat und „nicht unkorrelierter sein könnte als jetzt“.

Bitcoin $20K in Sicht?

Anleger in Kryptowährung gewöhnen sich auch daran, den BTC-Preis zu überprüfen und zu beobachten, wie er über 13.000 $ gehandelt wird. Der Bitcoin-Preis erreicht bestimmte Meilensteine, die einige Händler euphorisch stimmen.

Ivan on Tech, dessen Blockchain-Kanal auf YouTube mehr als 260.000 Abonnenten hat, bemerkte, dass der BTC-Preis nahe seinem Allzeithoch ist, und sagte, er glaube, dass Bitcoin „den Widerstand durchbrechen und auf 20.000 $ steigen wird“.

Der Analyst Joseph Young wies darauf hin, dass der Bitcoin-Preis „seinen höchsten Wochenabschluss seit Januar 2018 hatte“, was das zinsbullische Argument noch weiter anheizte.

Wie es mit dem Bitcoin-Preis weitergeht, kann man nur vermuten, aber wenn seine jüngsten Achterbahnbewegungen irgendein Indiz dafür sind, dann werden die nächsten paar Monate sicher interessant.

Bitcoin-derivaterhandlere øger positioner efter Bullish Move

Bitcoin-futures- og optionsmarkedet tiltrækker en strøm af handlende, efter at prisen på BTC skød over $ 13.000 i går.

Den stærke stigning i Bitcoin de sidste 24 timer får institutionelle indehavere til at afdække deres positioner, mens futuresmarkedet for BTC forudsiger mere plads til tyre.

Bitcoin-forhandlere forbereder sig på næste store træk

Mængden af uafviklede Bitcoin-optionskontrakter bevægede sig tæt på $ 2,5 mia. Dollar, en heltidshøjde for målingerne.

Optionskontrakter giver køberen mulighed for at sælge et underliggende aktiv til en bestemt pris og dato i fremtiden. En salgsoption bruges til salg, mens opkaldsoptioner bruges til køb. De fleste af mulighederne udløber den 30. oktober og den 25. december . Øgede muligheder OI antyder mere volatilitet i de kommende dage.

Sætningsforholdet er steget fra 0,66 til 0,73 i den sidste uge. En stigning i put / call-forholdet er tegn på en stigning i salgsrenterne.

Da optioner imidlertid er sikringsinstrumenter, kan forholdsstigningen også antyde institutters øgede spotkøb

Den samlede åbne rente (OI) for futureskontrakter for Bitcoin på tværs af alle børser steg til et nyt månedligt højdepunkt på $ 2,5 mia. Ifølge Glassnode- data. Alene på Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) var OI’s stigning mere end 22% inden for de sidste 24 timer.

I modsætning til optionskontrakter er futureskontrakter forpligtelser for købere af kontrakter til at købe eller sælge et underliggende aktiv på en bestemt dato og pris i fremtiden.

I går steg det samlede volumen af evige swaps også til en månedlig højde over $ 1,6 mia.

På kryptomarkeder giver evige swaps kontraktindehavere mulighed for at have deres futurespositioner evigt ved at rulle kontrakterne efter betaling af finansieringssatser med jævne mellemrum.

Den overordnede markedsposition afgør finansieringsgraden for evige swapkontrakter. Hvis der er flere købere end sælgere, betaler longs shorts og omvendt. Finansieringsgraden er i øjeblikket lidt positiv på 0,003% og er endnu ikke nået euforiske niveauer, hvor futureshandlere overdriver deres positioner. Først når niveauer når op på 0,03% til 0,06%, kan markederne defineres som euforiske.

Bitcoin si muoverà come un „bulldozer“ una volta che avrà preso piede, afferma l’analista

Il prezzo di Bitcoin sembra essere entrato in un’altra fase di consolidamento, poiché commercia tra 11.400 e 11.600 dollari.

La sua attuale mancanza di slancio si avvicina sulla scia della forte mossa più alta che ha postato la scorsa settimana
La resistenza al di sopra del suo attuale livello di prezzo è piuttosto intensa, e questo può segnare un tentativo da parte dei tori di ottenere un maggiore supporto da parte degli acquirenti
Dove l’andamento del mercato a medio termine dipenderà probabilmente in gran parte dal fatto che la fase di consolidamento di Bitcoin Revolution porti ad un breakout o ad un breakdown

Un analista ritiene che Bitcoin si muoverà come un „bulldozer“ una volta che sarà in grado di determinare la direzione che vuole seguire

Il Bitcoin e l’intero mercato della crittovaluta non hanno avuto alcuno slancio negli ultimi giorni.

Questo consolidamento è avvenuto seguendo da vicino la serie di forti movimenti al rialzo visti solo pochi giorni fa che hanno contribuito a porre fine alla sua precedente fase di consolidamento e a spingerlo oltre la resistenza che ha dovuto affrontare tra gli 11.000 e gli 11.200 dollari.

Un analista ritiene che il prossimo grande movimento di BTC gli fornirà una direzionalità duratura.

Egli nota anche che la criptovaluta di riferimento si muoverà come un „bulldozer“ una volta che questa prossima mossa che definisce la tendenza è stata fatta.
Bitcoin consolida circa 11.400 dollari mentre acquirenti e venditori raggiungono un impasse

Al momento della scrittura, la Bitcoin sta negoziando marginalmente al ribasso al suo prezzo attuale di 11.410 dollari. Questo è all’incirca il punto in cui ha fatto trading negli ultimi giorni.

La sua incapacità di ottenere uno slancio è arrivata a causa dell’intensa pressione di vendita che si aggira intorno agli 11.600 dollari.

Ogni tentativo di superare questo livello ha portato a forti rifiuti, il che indica che una rottura al di sopra di questo livello avrebbe una certa importanza tecnica.

La regione sotto gli 11.000 dollari sembra avere un certo supporto per Bitcoin, e richiederà una seria pressione di vendita per essere interrotta al di sotto di questo livello.
Analista: BTC probabilmente vedrà un „Bulldozer“ muoversi una volta che avrà preso piede

Un analista ha spiegato che il prossimo movimento fatto da Bitcoin potrebbe essere fondamentale per comprendere la sua tendenza a breve termine.

Egli ha indicato la compressione del volume in corso vista dal cripto, rilevando che indica che un movimento massiccio è all’orizzonte.

„BTC: seconda grande compressione del volume in corso quest’anno… Attenzione al bulldozer quando questo bambino sceglie una direzione“, ha detto.

I prossimi giorni e le prossime settimane dovrebbero offrire agli analisti e agli investitori una panoramica sulle prospettive a breve termine di Bitcoin.